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As a Phoenix Athletics member, you will belong to an elite group of competitive athletes that are known for their success on and off the track.

The dedication and drive you put into your track and field career now will help you join our legacy of world-class athletes that create impact everywhere they go.



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What It Takes

Getting to the top takes more than wishful thinking and big aspirations; it takes systematic practice and high-quality coaching. Phoenix Athletics training programs believe in the principles of Long-Term Athlete Development, providing athletes with the framework to push for their best and reach their performance potential. 

Our Training Programs


If you run 800m up to 5000m and cross country (XC), this is the program for you.


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This program caters to power athletes in the 50m up to the 100m, as well as longer sprinters running 200m, 400m, and 400m hurdles (mH).


Kids ranging in age from 8 to 12 are introduced to the sport and developed to be prepared for competitive high-school athletics.

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