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All the coaching expertise and training tailored to your sprint or distance event.


Registration with Athletics Ontario is included with your membership.


Provincial meet entry fees are included with your membership.


Sport our dye-sublimated singlet at all competitive events you attend.

Registration Fees

Given the pandemic restrictions, it is recommended that athletes register for for "Community" AO membership as a cost savings, rather than "Competitive", since there are few/no competitions. In the event that competitions become available or resume outright, the difference can be paid at that time.

Additionally required this year is for all members to review the Ontario Ministry's Rowan's Law: Concussion Safety information and sign off that they have reviewed the mandatory information.



Annual • $950

Outdoor • $750

Cross Country • $450

Junior Development • $550

Summer University Athlete • $450

Ready to become part of our team? Membership gets you access to all the resources, training, and expertise you need to compete at a high level.

What Our Members Say

“Phoenix Athletics gave me opportunities in track and field that opened up the doors for my career; it was the foundation to garnering a scholarship and becoming a professional athlete. I met many great teammates and was coached by the best Ontario had to offer, and I owe a lot to the club for pointing me in the right direction. I had ample opportunities to travel to different places to get the best competition and exposure, which was critical for my development as a young, blossoming athlete. Phoenix will always be ingrained in me as a vital building block and as the catalyst to my future, and I will forever be a part of the club organization.”


Aaron Brown, Phoenix Athletics sprinter for Nike




“My experience at Phoenix has been nothing but positive and enjoyable. Phoenix is the club I started with back when I was 11 years old and has gotten me so far in my track career thus far. There isn’t a day where I wouldn’t want to go to training because it is an environment where I love to spend a lot of my time. I have built friendships and relationships with the runners and coaches that will last a lifetime and are unforgettable. I owe a lot to this club, as it has taught me skills, leadership, and overall, how to be the best person I can be. Without being a part of it, I wouldn’t be running for the Canadian Paralympic team. You wouldn’t get an experience anywhere else like you would at Phoenix.”


Marissa Papaconstantinou, Phoenix Athletics sprinter




We joined Phoenix in 2006; our daughter Ally had an interest in sprinting, and joining a track club was an opportunity to explore this athletic field.

Bill Stephens has been Ally’s coach for the past 9 years. He has been a coach, a mentor, guided her through many Provincial and National competitions, and has been a helpful voice in major decisions in life and on the track. At Phoenix, Bill and the coaching team have created a group of individual athletes into a strong team, always respecting one another, encouraging each other, and working together to achieve their goals.


Ally continues her track career; she is in her third year, under a full scholarship, at Illinois State University. A scholarship she got with great coaching, advice from her teammates, and hard work. She is a three-time OFSAA medalist, a two-time Canadian Champion, both Junior and Youth.  The NCAA  is giving her a great education and a strong competitive platform. Phoenix will always be her track family, keeping her focused and achieving her athletic goals.”


Jenn Christiani, Phoenix Athletics parent




“The great thing about Phoenix is the positive environment. Everyone is extremely friendly and supportive to one another. We train together in a fun and welcoming environment where we are constantly improving and learning from each other to reach out highest potential. I love how exciting training can be with Phoenix!”


Emma Brender, Phoenix Athletics sprinter





“My experience with Phoenix is like having a second family. The adventures I went on have been amazing. The people I have met, the places I have been would have never happened if it wasn’t for Phoenix and for the love of my sport.”


Marlon Laidlaw-Allen, Phoenix Athletics sprinter





“I found out about Phoenix Athletics from my son`s Vice Principal. My son, Daniel had run for the TDESAA Track and Field and a few scouts from other clubs had expressed an interest in him joining their club, but his VP advised him to research a variety of clubs: those that showed interest and he also recommended researching Phoenix.  Daniel came to the determination that Phoenix would be a good fit for him because it was small, not too commercialized and the club was local. I called and spoke to coach Geoff Standen and he told me that Daniel was welcome to “workout” with them for a week to see if this club was a good fit for him.  Daniel participated in the weeks training with Coach Geoff, and from the first day he said “Mom, this is the club I want to be in”.


We have just completed our first year with Phoenix under Geoff’s coaching and I am so impressed with the level of training, dedication and commitment that he has showed to Daniel. Coach Geoff is very professional; he treats Daniel with respect and Daniel returns the mutual respect. Training with the Phoenix club is not only about three days a week of training, it is also about the mentoring given to the kids about eating habits, school work and life as a teenager. I am glad we chose Phoenix. Since joining the club Daniel ran in the TDSSAA East Region Meet and qualified for the Metro Track Finals.  I would recommend this athletic club to any parent whose child has showed interest in track and field.  If you want a club where you know your child will be treated with respect, given the quality and individualized training, then Phoenix is the Club to join!”


Joan Hutchins, Phoenix Athletics parent



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