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As a Phoenix Athletics board member, you will belong to an elite group of seasoned professionals that are known for their success on and off the track.

The dedication and drive you put into our amazing team will add huge value to our legacy of world-class athletes that create impact everywhere they go.



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Leadership & Vision

Our Board of Directors provides the scaffold and direction that allow Phoenix Athletics to pave the way for track and field success. 

The Board of Directors

CHRIS DAVIS, President & Secretary

As President, Chris oversees the operations and direction of the track and field club and calls and leads board meetings. As Secretary, he records and distributes all executive board member meeting minutes.

BILL STEPHENS, Vice President & Coach Representative

Bill brings over 40 years of dedicated coaching experience to his role as Vice President. As Coach Representative, he is the voice on the board for the club's coaches, raising any requests and/or concerns on behalf of the club's coaches.

JUDY LYNN, Treasurer & Registrar

Judy joins the executive board in January 2019 as Treasurer, overseeing all club financial details and initiatives. As Registrar, Judy is responsible for maintaining and registering the entire club membership and meet entries for all athletes.


FABIAN HAYLES, Athlete Representative

Fabian is the voice on the board for the club's athletes, raising any requests and/or concerns on behalf of his fellow athletes, as well as relaying information and decisions from the board to the athletes.


IBRAHIM HASSAN, Parent Liaison

The Parent Liaison acts as the voice of the parents of the club's athletes, raising any requests and/or concerns on behalf of the athletes' parents. Additionally, the Parent Liaison communicated information from the club to the athletes' parents. The Parent Liaison is also responsible for collecting the membership fees from the athletes and parents at practices, thereby allowing the coaches to focus on training the athletes.



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